Oral Presentation Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting including HWWS 2013

The implications of the giant, magnetized outflows from the Galactic Centre (#39)

Roland Crocker 1
  1. ANU, Weston Creek, ACT, Australia

Using polarimetry data collected for the S-PASS survey by the Parkes radio telescope, Carretti, Crocker et al.have recently discovered giant, magnetized outflows from the Galactic nucleus. I explain the implications of these outflows for understanding the global mass and energy flows through the centre of the Galaxy and show how these outflows - and the coincident Fermi Bubbles found in gamma-ray data - are the result of star-formation occurring in this region rather than activity of the Galaxy's super-massive black hole. The S-PASS data also imply that very strong magnetic fields - surpassing 10 microgauss - extend many kiloparsecs into the Galactic halo.

  1. Carretti et al. 2013 Nature, 493, 66