Monday, 8th July Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting including HWWS 2013

8:45AM - 9:10AM
Central One Theatre
Chair: Michael Brown

8:45 AM              Duncan Galloway, Conference Chair

                       Conference Introduction

8:50 AM              Dr Alan Finkel, Chancellor of Monash University

                      Opening of Conference

9:05 AM              Kate Brooks, President of Astronomical Society of Australia   

                            Ellery Lecture Introduction

9:10AM - 10:30AM
Central One Theatre
Chair: Michael Brown
10:30AM - 11:00AM
Banquet Halls
12:15PM - 12:20PM
Central One Theatre
Chair: Michael Brown

1st Eromanga Adermann, Searching for Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Early Type Galaxies Featuring Prominent Dust Lanes [201]

2nd Richard Beare, New Measurements of the Evolving Growth Rates of Galaxies     [205]

3rdGeorgios Bekiaris, Investigating Kinematic Modelling of Disk Galaxies Using GPUs     [206]

4thSarah Bruzzese, Is the initial mass function universal? The case of NGC 2915     [210]

5th Pierluigi Cerulo, Morphological Transformation of Red Sequence Galaxies in High Redshift Galaxy Clusters     [211]

12:20PM - 12:30PM
Central One Theatre
Chair: Michael Brown

The Astronomical Society of Australia's Education and Public Outreach Chapter

 Women In Astronomy Chapter

 Early Career Researcher Chapter

 Australian National Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics Chapter

12:30PM - 2:00PM
Banquet Halls
12:45PM - 1:45PM
West Wing Cellar
Chair: Tanya Hill

Some lunch will be provided in the West Wing Cellar for those attending the lunchtime session.

3:15PM - 3:30PM
Central One Theatre
Chair: Daniel Bayliss

1st Kate Chow, The Australia Telescope Large Area Survey: The composite properties of young AGN     [212]

2ndJordan Collier, Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer Observations of Infrared Faint Radio Sources     [213]

3rdDimitri Douchin, Estimating the fraction of binary central stars of planetary nebulae using the IR-excess method     [217]

4th Tobias Feger, A stable wavelength comb for precise radial velocity measurements     [219]

5th Bi-Qing For, The twisted Magellanic Stream and its Leading Arm(s)     [221]

6thGregory Goldstein, A Catalogue of Radio AGN behind the LMC     [223]

7th Elise Hampton, The search for TeV particle accelerators in the star forming HII complex G5.89-0.39 using Chandra     [225]

8th Sreeja S Kartha, Wide-field imaging studies of globular cluster systems in three intermediate mass early-type galaxies     [236]

9thChamplain Kenyi, Spectroscopic Fitting of the Terrestrial Atmosphere for Improved Planetary Atmosphere Observations and Greenhouse Gas Monitoring     [237]

10th Rebecca Lange, GAMA: The local mass-size relationship revisited     [239]

11th Sarah Leslie, The Energy Source and Dynamics of Infared Luminous Galaxy ESO148-IG02     [241]

12th Belinda Nicholson, Is The Fundamental Plane Fundamental?     [252]

13th Andrew Prentice, Mercury, Titan and Ganymede: new theoretical models for bulk chemical composition, internal physical structure and origin which match the latest spacecraft data     [260]

3:30PM - 4:00PM
Banquet Halls
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Banquet Halls

Refreshments will be provided.

5:45PM - 6:45PM
Banquet Halls

Chair: David Parkinson