Oral Presentation Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting including HWWS 2013

The 2016-25 Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy (#71)

Stuart Wyithe 1
  1. University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic, Australia

The National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) carries out a formal strategic planning process on a 10-year time scale. This provides the opportunity for Australian astronomy to carry out a stock take of its capabilities, assess its impact both nationally and internationally, provide a vision for the future and to set priorities and develop strategies on how that vision might be implemented. As the currency of the last Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy concludes in 2015, it is now time to consider the next Decadal planning process for the period 2016-25. In this talk the NCA will present a proposed outline for the formulation of the next Decadal Plan. The community will be invited to provide feedback on this process.