Oral Presentation Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting including HWWS 2013

Charlene Heisler Prize Talk - From 13 to 600+:  the Future of High-z IFU Surveys (#99)

Emily Wisnioski 1
  1. MPE, Garching, BY, Germany

My thesis presents the kinematics of 13 star-forming galaxies at z>1 selected from the WiggleZ Survey for having extreme star-formation, forming the largest AO sample to date at this redshift. Over the past 8 years ~300 galaxies have been observed at z>1 with IFUs using ~300hrs of 8-10m telescope time. These observations have lead to key findings, many of which are reflected in the WiggleZ IFU sample, such as: high velocity dispersions, large fractions of disk galaxies, asymmetries between kinematic and photometric axes, and massive star-forming regions capable of hosting galactic scale winds. However, questions the surveys were designed to answer remain open as the currently studied ~300 galaxies are an amalgamation of many heterogeneous targeted samples across a wide redshift range (z=1-4) analysed with a variety of techniques. Taking advantage of the previous targeted surveys and the new multiplexed KMOS instrument, the upcoming KMOS-3D survey will tackle key questions by tracing the evolution of velocity dispersions, kpc-scale star formation, and outflows over 5 Gyrs between 0.7<z<2.5 using ~600 mass-selected galaxies from the 3D-HST survey.